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BC-Holland Housing Innovation Lab: AI and Housing

Shaping the housing associations of the future

BCNPHA is delighted to announce a partnership with the Dutch housing sector, CorpoNet,  with the aim of exchanging ideas and innovation to help us shape the future of housing, with the BC-Holland: Housing Innovation Lab Series. Sessions will investigate key themes including digital transformation, the customer experience, getting to grips with data, smart homes, and predictive technology, modern methods of construction, circular economy and innovative service delivery.

The Netherlands is renowned for its cutting-edge approach to housing. From Qlinker the world’s first completely digital housing association in Utrecht to 3D printed houses being built in Eindhoven, there will be plenty to learn and talking about in the coming months.

Participants can listen and learn from the featured speakers, and are also invited to play an active role in the innovation lab if there are exciting new projects, services, etc that you are apart of and would like to share, or are looking for support and connection. By working together and focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, we hope the Innovation Lab will provide a catalyst for genuine transformation and collaboration.

Series Workshop One: AI and Housing

It’s never been more complex to be a housing provider due to more compliance, higher costs and an ageing labor force. Housing providers need to get more done with less resources, but the lack of reliable data is holding them back. Currently, the only way to get reliable data is by driving out on site and manually gather data. However, this is unscalable, expensive and often data is incomplete due to inaccessible parts of the building like the roof, back façade or interior.

Participants will explore the challenges housing associations face and how they could do things differently with new technology. How can AI make the difference for housing associations?

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March 21, 2023


9:00 - 9:45am PST



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