jeshoots-com-219388There’s no disputing that the non-profit housing sector has its hands full. On a daily basis, managers, tenant support workers, directors, and staff respond to every kind of challenge imaginable. It can be difficult to keep up with new information and ongoing training to stay equipped for these challenges.

That’s why BCNPHA is constantly looking for ways to offer accessible educational resources with new webinars! You can view the recorded webinars below. There is no shortage of topics we can add to our programs to complement our online courses and to respond to the needs of the sector.

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Thank you to our Education Partners:

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By Stream A-Z listing

Asset Management

Building Overheating and Air Quality: Considerations in New Construction – Webinar - April 28, 2020Be Prepared for the Retrofit Boom – Webinar - June 09, 2020Retrofits for Overheating Buildings and Poor Indoor Air Quality – Webinar - July 07, 2020


Managing Conflict Between Tenants – Webinar - May 11, 2020Addressing COVID-19 & Overheating in Non-Profit Housing – Webinar - May 13, 2020Conflict Resolution and the Residential Tenancy Act – Webinar - May 25, 2020Interactive Discussion Around Technology Issues due to Covid-19 with BC Housing – Webinar - May 28, 2020

Legal Series

HR and Legal Considerations during COVID-19 – Webinar - April 30, 2020

Staffing and Human Resources

Return to Work: Considerations for COVID-19 – Webinar - May 19, 2020

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Reducing Vulnerability to Isolation Among Seniors – Webinar - May 06, 2020Community Living in Isolation: Responding to COVID-19 – Webinar - May 11, 2020Staying Emotionally Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Webinar - May 21, 2020

Business Continuity and Pandemic Planning

Financial Strategy in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis – Session 1 – Webinar - May 05, 2020Financial Strategy in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis – Session 2 – Webinar - May 07, 2020