Affordable Housing Champion Award


2017 Award Recipient: Generation Squeeze

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BCNPHA launched the Affordable Housing Champion Award last year, which recognizes an individual or organization that has made a transformative contribution to the affordable housing sector.

If you would like to suggest an individual or organization for this award, please forward your suggestion to before October 28, 2018.

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2017 Award Recipient: Generation Squeeze

Generation Squeeze (also known as GenSqueeze), is a non-partisan, non-profit organization of researchers, advocates, campaigners and communicators committed to solving pressing social, economic and environmental challenges for generations under 45 in Canada. Founded by University of B.C. Professor Dr. Paul Kershaw, the group has grown into a movement that takes action to stop the squeeze on time, income and services. From co-hosting the #donthave1million rally in Vancouver, to meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a roundtable discussion on housing, GenSqueeze has been a strong advocate for pushing housing affordability on behalf of young adults.


The nominee:

  • May be a person or organization within Canada.
  • Must have have significantly contributed to affordable housing in BC.
  • May be from outside of the affordable housing sector.
  • May be a BCNPHA associate member.

Award Criteria

  • Demonstrated commitment as an ambassador and champion of affordable housing.
  • Strong advocate for affordable housing and takes initiative.
  • Taken actions and shown transformative change in affordable housing, including policy and advocacy with tangible results.
  • Strongly advocated on behalf of the non-profit housing sector.
  • Taken initiative and displayed leadership.
  • New way of developing unique solutions to problems in the province/region.
  • Passionately promote the principles of the affordable housing sector.
  • Attempted to achieve sustainable solutions to affordable housing challenges.

Previous Recipients:

2017 Generation Squeeze

2016 Frances Bula

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