Affordable Housing Champion Award


2018 Award Recipients: Marpole students for Modular Housing

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BCNPHA launched the Affordable Housing Champion Award last year, which recognizes an individual or organization that has made a transformative contribution to the affordable housing sector.

2018 Award Recipient: Marpole Students for Modular Housing

When a temporary modular housing project was announced for the corner of West 59th Avenue and Heather Street many neighbourhood residents were strongly opposed, mounting local protests and even starting a Facebook page against the project due to “safety concerns.” That’s when students at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary became involved, expressing their enthusiastic support for temporary modular housing in their area. The group of 20 students formed their own Facebook page, called Marpole Students for Modular Housing, to combat the sense of fear and NIMBY attitude and help support people in need.

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The nominee:

  • May be a person or organization within Canada.
  • Must have have significantly contributed to affordable housing in BC.
  • May be from outside of the affordable housing sector.
  • May be a BCNPHA associate member.

Award Criteria

  • Demonstrated commitment as an ambassador and champion of affordable housing.
  • Strong advocate for affordable housing and takes initiative.
  • Taken actions and shown transformative change in affordable housing, including policy and advocacy with tangible results.
  • Strongly advocated on behalf of the non-profit housing sector.
  • Taken initiative and displayed leadership.
  • New way of developing unique solutions to problems in the province/region.
  • Passionately promote the principles of the affordable housing sector.
  • Attempted to achieve sustainable solutions to affordable housing challenges.

Previous Recipients:

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2016 Frances Bula

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