Capital Planning

Capital Planning

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BCNPHA provides a range of services to support and strengthen the capital planning practices of non-profit housing societies. From Building Condition Assessments (BCAs), to curriculum training and accessing Ameresco’s Asset Management Planner software, our Asset Management team will work closely with your society to create and implement a strong capital plan.  We have created a number of resources to support the non-profit housing sector:

  • Creating a Capital Plan: Face-to-face capital planning introductory course offered at BCNPHA RENTs and annual conference
  • Capital Planning 101: Online course offered throughout the year via BCNPHA’s HousingU
  • Building Condition Assessments (BCAs) and energy audits

Questions? Contact Us

To learn more about BCNPHA capital planning services, please contact Warren Jacobs, Capital Planning Manager at 778.945.2158 or

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