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BC Housing’s Leadership & Learning Department is pleased to offer these half-day courses, brought to you in partnership with BCNPHA and the Justice Institute of BC. These courses are designed for those already in leadership or supervisory positions with a maximum of 15 attendees. The invitation is extended to eligible attendees from all provincially funded non-profit housing providers and aboriginal partners.

All modules will take place at BC Housing’s Downtown Eastside Learning Centre located at 330 Keefer St Vancouver, BC. These courses will run from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM.

To register:
Please send an email indicating your name, the name of your non-profit employer, and which course you would like to take to thelearningcentre@bchousing.org. Registration is being handled on a first-come basis.

Course Descriptions – 8 Modules (download here)

1. Inspired Leadership

Leaders are individuals who actively choose to make a positive contribution to the world they inhabit; this requires a commitment to self-awareness and conscious attention to how they show up in the world. In this course, you will reflect on the values and beliefs that support your leadership style and engage in activities that encourage you to honestly explore your own strengths and challenges in the context of solid leadership competencies. You will have the opportunity to recognize yourself as a leader and commit to your continued self-development in your role with BC Housing.

2. Conscious Collaboration

Leadership in a complex workplace requires communication skills that encourage conscious collaboration. In this course, you will recognize key aspects of nonverbal communication, listening, and assertive communication. You will participate in activities that will allow you to apply these skills with intention. You will engage in productive conversations openly and with respect so that you can truly work in collaboration with your team and your organization. You will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be an authentic leader and how to engage mindfully with those around you.

3. Finding Your Positive No

Whether you are negotiating an important issue, expressing your thoughts and feelings in a conflict or standing firm under pressure, the ability to self-manage, connect with your values and assert yourself is crucial to reaching outcomes that work for you. In this session, you will:

* Identify aspects of your work that motivate and excite you
* Identify personal strengths and personal values that you bring to your work
* Explore the impact of challenging behavior on your thoughts and actions
* Determine your circle of influence, your circle of concern and your legitimate negotiation power
* Adopt strategies to say “no” positively when challenged
* Explore alternatives to directly addressing problematic behaviour and self-care strategies.

4. Negotiation

Negotiation skills are essential in maintaining strong team and stakeholder relationships. Collaborative or interest-based negotiation aims for agreements that respond to the interests of both parties. In this module, you will learn to prepare for negotiations including assessing alternatives, building a climate of collaboration, getting beyond stubborn positioning and developing agreements that work for both sides.

5. Thinking Critically, Thinking Creatively

Innovation and creativity are critical for the work we do at BC Housing. The groundwork for this expansive mindset is the ability to think critically – to consider all possibilities, opportunities and challenges when making decisions. In this course, learners will examine and expand their own mindset around their own thinking habits, the assumptions and biases that inform them and the results of their decision making processes. This course will support learners’ capacity to make better decisions and will lay the foundation for innovative thinking and creativity in the workplace.

6. The “Me” in Team

The ability to work effectively in a team is critical to workplace success and job satisfaction; individual behaviours can either support, or detract from, a positive team environment. In this course, learners will explore how they create relationships, and examine the conditions and culture necessary to facilitate an environment that supports individual and team performance. Learners will assess their role in the team environment, as leaders and as team members, and identify tools and strategies for contributing effectively to a high functioning team.

7. Authenticity in Action

Being a leader requires that you show up and be seen. In this course, learners will explore how they show up in their work and what holds them back. Through activities and discussions, learners will gain a deeper understanding of their relationship to risk-taking, vulnerability and authenticity and how these concepts underpin how they want to show up in their role with BC Housing.

8. Your Brain in Positive

For a community to thrive, it is dependent on individuals to find relevance and meaning that benefits themselves, groups, organizations, and communities. In this course, learners will explore techniques to enhance their fulfillment whether at work or at play. Tools to build resiliency, to re-wire our brains to positive, to explore what it is to flourish to find meaning and fulfillment will lead learners on a path of well-being that will be personally and professionally significant.


Module 1: Inspired Leadership - BC Housing - September 05, 2019

Module 2: Conscious Collaboration - BC Housing - October 02, 2019

Module 4: Negotiating for Collaboration - BC Housing - November 27, 2019

Module 3: Finding your Positive No - BC Housing - January 29, 2020

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