Policy & Research Consulting

BCNPHA provides fee-for-service opportunities to any organization undertaking an affordable housing initiative. We provide quality process design, research and analysis to assist clients and partners in making evidence-based decisions.

Our work supports BCNPHA’s vision of a safe, secure and affordable home for everyone, and builds our capacity to support the community housing sector.

Our professional service products include:

  • Municipal housing and homeless plans and strategies
  • Housing need and demand studies
  • Program and policy reviews and evaluations
  • Housing research reports

Together with our partners we provide services in two areas:

1. Community Engagement & Consultation: working with people

  • Process design and management
  • Open houses
  • Event planning
  • Surveys and focus groups
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Facilitation

2. Research & Analysis: working with information

  • Data management and sourcing
  • Quantitative data collection and analysis
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Literature reviews
  • Pro-forma analysis
  • Land use review
  • Data visualization

Please contact Peer-Daniel Krause, Policy Manager at peer-daniel@bcnpha.ca or by phone at 778.945.2161 to discuss your needs, ideas, proposals or to just connect. We are also always interested in exploring potential partnerships and new opportunities.