Statistics Canada – Invitation for discussions with Indigenous persons who identify as Two-Spirited


Statistics Canada is reaching out to Indigenous peoples who identify as Two-Spirit to attend a one-one-one discussion. This is a paid opportunity.


Statistics Canada would like to reach out to Indigenous persons, who identify as Two-Spirit for an invitation to participate in upcoming engagement around sexual orientation and gender identity. This includes the importance of having representation of Indigenous peoples who are Two-Spirited. Two-spirit identity reflects on traditional Indigenous gender diversity, the fluid nature of gender and sexual identity, and its interconnectedness with spirituality.

Statistics Canada will be conducting virtual one-on-one discussions, with monetary compensation to look at the use of terminology and measures related to sexual orientation and gender identity. Discussions will be taking place March 4th and March 18th.

All discussions will deal with matters of opinion, so there are no right or wrong answers.  Your participation is very important and we would like your input and feedback in this process.  All information provided will be strictly confidential.

If interested in participating, please contact your – Indigenous Liaison Advisor (ILA) for Statistics Canada as soon as possible.

Indigenous Liaison Advisor – Centre for Indigenous Statistics and Partnerships, Social, Health & Labour Statistics
Statistics Canada / Government of Canada / Cell: 604-787-1315

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