FortisBC is introducing two new offers for their income-qualified customers!


Who’s it for?

The offers will be available to customers who meet the income threshold requirements and replace their existing natural gas furnace or water heater with a new, high efficiency natural gas appliance. Customers will need to have an active gas account with FortisBC.

Income Requirements:


How are the new offers different from the $2000 ECAP Furnace & Boiler Offer?

Individuals and social housing providers do not have to participate in ECAP as a requirement to applying for the new offers. However, we do want to encourage ECAP when appropriate!

  • Benefits of ECAP: There are still many measures that are included in ECAP which are not available for free outside of ECAP; including, free furnace with a very high standard of installation, insulation, fridges, blower-door led draft proofing, carbon monoxide detectors, programmable thermostats, etc.
  • As well, whenever furnaces or attic insulation are installed in ECAP, the customer also receives new ventilation (bathroom fans) which enhances customer safety
  • Education and customized energy coaching is also a valuable part of ECAP

Water heaters were not part of ECAP but are included in the new offer.

The rebate amount for the highest efficiency furnaces (97%+ AFUE) is $3000 and this was not previously an option under the ECAP offer.

Furnace Offer Details:


Water Heater Offer Details:


Customer application requirements:

  • Must install eligible model from com/iqfurnace. Note: Income Qualified Space & Heating offers are only available for furnaces/boilers that are 80,000 Btu/h or less. If you have a special situation, such as a group home, these will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Must use Technical Safety BC licensed contractor
  • Must provide installation permit number
  • Must provide contractor invoices
  • Must provide photo of two pipe system
  • Must provide commissioning sheet

PLEASE NOTE: If applicants have participated in ECAP already, the ECAP application number should be included on the new offer application form because proof of income will not be required in this case.

For more information, please contact FortisBC at:

Chris Alionis


P: 604-592-7985

You may also check out offer details at and

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