Auditor General Publishes Report on Homelessness



The Auditor General of BC has published a report called: Homelessness: Clear Focus Needed.

Efforts to address homelessness involve many ministries within government, health authorities, non-profit service providers and volunteer organizations. Few issues are more complex and intertwined with other levels of government. A number of municipalities view homelessness as one of their top issues and have developed plans to address it. The recent, dramatic downturn in the economy increases the likelihood of more people becoming homeless.

The provincial government is responsible for many of the policies, programs and funding related to the homeless, primarily in the areas of housing, income assistance, mental health and addictions. Success in addressing homelessness requires strong and committed leadership at the provincial level. This audit assesses whether there is a strong foundation in place within which to set clear direction, coordinate resources and make informed decisions.

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