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HR Responses to the COVID-19 Crisis

The current COVID-19 pandemic is presenting an evolving set of challenges to employers in balancing workplace health and safety with meeting the ongoing operational and service needs of the people and communities we support. This webinar, specifically targeted to non-profit housing providers, covers recommendations from public health agencies and the measures that governments are taking to combat the virus. It addresses the many issues posed by the real and perceived threat of infection and offers practical tools and advice on how Employers can address key workplace issues arising from this and future global pandemics.



March 30, 2020


3:00 pm - 4:30 pm



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Topics covered include:

  • Update on the COVID-19 virus
  • Prevention in the workplace
  • Rights & obligations of Employer and employee
  • Layoffs, terminations and compensating absent employees
  • Government support
  • Practical advice on a range of workplace scenarios
  • A framework for service continuity planning
  • Helpful resources, tools, and links


Marsha Goldford (Master’s in Public Administration), founder and CEO of The Wisdom Group, is a Chartered Professional in human resources professional with more than 20 years as a senior-level HR practitioner. She has spent more than 15 years managing non-profit housing and in residential tenancy programs, and is a past board member of BCNPHA.

Kim Darcey (MBA and MSc in International Business and Managenent) and Shane Schoonen (Registered Nurse and Fitness Professional) are partners and consultants for Darcey Consulting Inc.

Kim’s career has spanned multiple industries, including work with global enterprise Shell, extensive work in the employment sector and social services industry, specializing in business, immigration and recruitment consulting.

Shane’s career spans 27 years in healthcare, including management, education and direct patient care. He was project manager for a regional patient safety reporting system, educator for nursing at BCIT, and specializes in education and training for businesses and organizations.