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Bike Friendly Buildings: How to Retrofit to Increase Cycling Accessibility

This session, presented by HUB Cycling, Metro Vancouver’s charitable organization dedicated to enhancing transportation cycling safety and accessibility, explores specialized research on cycling and older buildings, the Bike Friendly Building assessment service, and strategies for retrofitting older buildings to enhance bike parking and cycling accessibility.

Who should attend?

  • Building managers
  • Construction contractors

What will you learn?

  • Gain insights into government and market trends in urban/active transportation cycling as they relate to existing buildings.
  • Learn about the various factors related to building design and equipment that influence cycling accessibility.
  • Explore specialized research conducted in Metro Vancouver on cycling and older buildings.
  • Understand the purpose and process of Bike Friendly Building assessments, along with general options for enhancing bike parking and cycling amenities.

Presented by:

Timothy Welsh
Director of Program Development, HUB Cycling


Tim spent much of his youth exploring the South Okanagan by bike. Rediscovering cycling in Vancouver for practical and environmental reasons, he has become an avid cyclist, bike mechanic, and advocate. Before joining HUB Cycling in 2013, Tim’s work in refugee and immigrant resettlement included developing and delivering direct services. He also played a crucial role in expanding and professionalizing the BC settlement services sector by facilitating partnerships between service providers and government funders. As HUB Cycling’s Director of Program Development, Tim strengthens and expands existing education and events programming. He spearheads new initiatives like Research, Bike Friendly Buildings, and Newcomer Bike Mentorship, aligning with HUB Cycling’s mission.






September 25, 2024


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm PST



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Online (Zoom)