RentSmart Education & Support Society

Housing Providers – Make selecting and managing tenants easier

Would you like to increase successful tenancies – see your tenants succeed at finding suitable housing and maintaining it?

Are you looking for effective and economical ways to prevent evictions, reduce damages, save staff time and shift focus from crisis to prevention?

Being a good tenant and being a good landlord is not an innate skill. RentSmart is proven education and support for tenants, housing staff and community champions with one goal: Successful Tenancies for all.

RentSmart Education Provides Solutions

Recognized by BC Housing and endorsed by BCNPHA, RentSmart education is designed to build empathy and understanding between tenants and landlords by:

  • Clearly outlining the roles and responsibilities of both, including maintenance
  • Providing concrete templates, processes for effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Assisting people to budget and prioritize paying rent
  • Solving issues that could place housing at risk

It’s really great to arm folks with knowledge and watch as they use what they have learned to stabilize their lives.

Help Remove Housing Barriers and Support Successful Tenancies

Housing providers can do this by:

  1. Having support staff take RentSmart Educator – professional development workshop to deliver RentSmart education to tenants and landlords in-house.
  2. Encouraging tenants to take the Certificate course, either online or in-person
  3. Recognizing the RentSmart certificate as a reference on tenant application forms

To learn more about the RentSmart suite of programs, visit

To become a RentSmart Educator and ensure all Canadians have the skills and knowledge to secure housing stability and have successful tenancies, visit

The thing I most enjoy about being a RentSmart Educator is providing valuable tools to people to overcome challenges and barriers.

Two of our former participants were successful in securing a market house in two buildings that appeared to have had a long wait-list when they reported to have taken RentSmart course.