Staying Emotionally Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Webinar

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Within the turbulence and stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, how can we stay emotionally healthy and connected to ourselves and those around us? What kinds of coping are normal and helpful? How might we develop strategies to ensure that we don’t slide into trauma or deep distress? How can we promote wellness and resilience within our ourselves, and with our colleagues, when we feel vulnerable or anxious? In this session we’ll explore these themes and examine strategies for cultivating wellness. We’ll also widen our scope to explore how organizations and teams can build greater capacity for containing and directing the stress of the moment toward healthy outcomes.

What you will learn:

  • Understand what normal coping looks like during a pandemic
  • Identify patterns of coping that emerge when stress continues for a long period
  • Identify and address risk factors for stress-induced mental health challenges, addictions, and traumas
  • Cultivate healthy behaviours of personal wellness and resiliency in a situation of vulnerability
  • Cultivate healthy behaviours of connection, containment, and capacity within workplace teams
  • Understand and apply strategies and behaviours for promoting community wellness during a time of significant stress

Who should attend:

Front line support staff in non-profit and affordable housing facilities.


Dr. Ross Laird is a best-selling author and award-winning clinical consultant in mental health and trauma. He has worked extensively with front-line and non-profit professionals over more than 30 years of practice. Dr. Laird is co-developer of the trauma healing research project at the 9/11 Museum and War Childhood Museum; he is the clinical supervisor for BC’s largest licensed program in addictions and mental health; and he is a clinical consultant for many organizations in social services, health care, and education. Visit for more information.

Visual recording:

09_MAY21_Staying Emotionally Healthy During a Pandemic

Webinar date

May 21, 2020


5/29/20 10:00 am - 5/29/20 11:30 am


Free for members and for non-members

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