Residential Tenancy Law during the COVID-19 Pandemic – Webinar

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Legally Speaking the RTA and M089 (pdf)

COVID 19 AND THE RTA BCNPHA Haddock & Co Powerpoint (pdf)

Thank you for attending this webinar. Please feel free to view the resources below which include a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, Video recording, Virtual visual recording, Questions and Answers resource document and an article written by Haddock & Co. Please watch for other resources coming soon.

Virtual visual recording:

Visual Recording by Lisa Edwards



Join Ripan Hans, Associate Lawyer with Haddock & Company Lawyers, for a presentation on the RTA and current policy changes passed in the context of COVID-19, and how they apply to the Community Housing Sector. The majority of the webinar will be dedicated to questions and answers. Please submit your questions beforehand, and bring some with you to the webinar. Ripan was called to the British Columbia Bar Association in 2017, and currently works in landlord tenancy law. She has appeared for clients on matters regarding the RTA at the tribunal level, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, and at the Court of Appeal. You can find more information on Ripan, as well as her contact info, here:

Webinar date

April 09, 2020


4/10/20 10:00 am - 4/10/20 11:00 am


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