Be Prepared for the Retrofit Boom – Webinar

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In the wake of COVID-19, governments will be looking for ways to kick-start the economy and create jobs. This could put social housing retrofit projects at the forefront, especially with B.C.’s existing $1.1 billion commitment to upgrade social housing stock and improve energy efficiency. Join Impact Engineering and learn how to use this time now to plan for the future. Preserve your assets and save on energy costs by being prepared to act on incentive funding and improve the long-term operation and reliability of your buildings. This webinar will cover energy planning and identify strategies to get ready for the retrofit boom.

Who should attend?

  • Leadership at the executive and board level; asset, energy and building managers as well as operators of non-profit housing and anyone interested in learning more about the importance of energy and preservation planning.

Steve Fetterly
, Lead Energy Engineer, Impact Engineering
Steve is strongly motivated to decrease greenhouse gas emissions in buildings as a mechanical engineer, project manager and energy planner. With a focus on social and co-op housing, he works to deliver real energy savings by finding and implementing the most efficient HVAC systems for long-term operation and reliability. Steve is experienced in performing energy studies, securing capital incentives for upgrades, and providing engineering solutions.

Ben Mills, Founding Principal, Impact Engineering
Ben sees his engineering practice as a way of inspiring people to reach for a more sustainable future. His objective is to push performance and ambition to achieve optimal occupant comfort through low energy, low carbon design. Ben has 15 years of diverse project experience both in scale and strategy; Institutional, Office, MURBs, hospitals.    

What you will learn:

  • Study – understand the benefit of energy studies and how to use them in capital planning
  • Plan – use this “window of opportunity” to develop strategic plans for asset portfolios
  • Design – recognize the advantage of advancing engineering design to get ahead of equipment failures and construction lead times
  • Optimize – become familiar with energy Monitoring & Verification and recommissioning opportunities to “squeeze” energy savings out of existing systems

Webinar date

June 09, 2020


6/10/20 10:00 am - 6/10/20 11:30 am


Free for members and for non-members

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