Indigenous Perspective Workshop – Dispelling Myths and Stereotypes

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This workshop is a part of the Indigenous Perspective Workshop Series.

In order to create a space that fosters conversation, interaction and reflection we will be limiting the workshop to 35 participants. 

Please note these sessions will not be recorded. If you register and then are unable to attend, please let us know so that we can open up space for other participants. 

Once you register for a workshop, BCNPHA will share your email and name with IPS who will then contact you with a session link and learning resources. 

This three-hour workshop introduces participants to the key concepts of colonization, privilege and stereotyping. While encouraging meaningful relationship-building strategies with Indigenous community members and organizations, the learning is applicable to many areas in our professional and personal lives.

Workshop outcomes:

  • Reflect on how privilege and stereotypes impact our work and relationships
  • Strengthen collaborative working relationships with Indigenous communities
  • Apply anti-oppressive, decolonizing ideologies and methods into our work and daily life


Webinar date

September 29, 2021


9/29/21 1:00 pm - 9/29/21 4:00 pm


$25 for members $50 for non-members

Note: Registration closes September 24, 2021

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