Housing Provider of the Year Award – Resilience

2019 Award Recipient: Umbrella Society of Addictions and Mental Health

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This award recognizes a non-profit housing provider that demonstrates resilience in the face of a major challenge to their operations or developments.

Submission deadline: September 28, 2020


The organization must be a BCNPHA non-profit housing provider member in good standing, and applications will be scored in all of the following areas:

  • Has developed and implemented a strong and sustained response to an internal or external challenge.
  • Has ensured that its residents were supported through a challenge or crisis, and has engaged residents in meaningful ways through its crisis response.
  • Has developed and/or updated business continuity plans in light of their experiences sustaining services through a crisis.

Nomination Process

BCNPHA members who are non-profit housing providers are invited to complete the online form below. The BCNPHA Awards Committee will review the nominees on a rolling basis throughout the year and will contact the nominee for more information if eligibility for the award are met.

Nomination form

Please review the awards criteria for the award before filling this out.

Follow the 4 steps below to complete your submission for the Housing Provider of the Year Award - Resilience.

* indicates required field
Step 1. Nominated Non‐Profit Housing Provider Information:
Step 2. Nominating Organization Information:
Step 3. Application Process

Please answer the following questions in a separate document and keep your responses for each section to 500 words or less.

1. Describe the challenge or crisis you faced and your response.

2. Measurable impact

3. Business Continuity

Step 4. References

Previous Recipients:

2019 Umbrella Society of Addictions and Mental Health, Victoria

2018 Nanaimo Aboriginal Centre, Nanaimo

2017 YWCA Metro Vancouver, Vancouver

2016 Society of Hope, Kelowna

2015 Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, Victoria

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