Funding Opportunities

CMHC Affordable Housing Centre
The Affordable Housing Centre at CMHC has a team of experts in every region of Canada, offering financial assistance, and Canada’s most comprehensive inventory of information and resources, to help groups develop affordable housing.


CMHC Seed Funding Program Details
CMHC is accepting applications for Seed Funding right now. CMHC Seed Funding offers financial assistance to housing proponents who are in the early stages of developing an affordable housing project. To learn more visit the Affordable Housing in Canada website. To download an application form go directly to CMHC’s Seed Funding web page. Decisions on applications are made within two weeks.


CMHC Proposal Development Funding (PDF) Loans
Proposal Development Funding (PDF) loans help with the up-front expenses incurred during the process of developing an affordable housing project proposal. A PDF loan enables housing proponents to carry out the activities required to bring their proposal to the point where they can apply for mortgage financing.