This May 12th, Make Affordable Housing a Provincial Election Issue!


In British Columbia, provincial elections are held every four years. Your vote is an opportunity to tell the province that affordable and non-profit housing matters to you. In preparation for the upcoming provincial election on Tuesday, May 12th, BCNPHA has put together a toolkit to help you put affordable and non-profit housing on the provincial agenda. It contains:

  1. Affordable Housing fact sheet;
  2. Provincial Involvement fact sheet;
  3. A list of Local Candidate questions you can ask your local candidates;
  4. A letter you can give to your tenants, encouraging them to vote; and
  5. Party leader contact information.

Watch your mailbox in the coming weeks for your Where to Vote information card, and check out for information on candidates, political parties, and electoral districts. In the meantime, when a candidate comes to your door – tell them affordable and non-profit housing matters to you! Ask them what they will do to make affordable housing a priority in your community.

How you can help? Here are some things you can do to help bring affordable housing to the forefront of the provincial agenda:

  • Write, e-mail, or call your local candidates to tell them why affordable and non-profit housing is important to you.
  • Attend all-candidates’ meetings in your riding and ask questions.
  • Question candidates on their views on affordable and non-profit housing at public forums or through the media.
  • Make sure your tenants know how to vote. Give your tenants information on the importance of housing in your community, so that they too can ask questions of the candidates.
  • Display non-partisan posters in your building encouraging people to vote.
  • And don’t forget to vote for candidates who support the development and retention of affordable and non-profit housing in your community!
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