The Tyee: (VIDEO) Designing the Rental Housing Renaissance


Christopher Cheung, The Tyee, September 25 (featuring BCNPHA Policy Manager Brian Clifford)

Our Housing Fix reporting project has generated a number of stories on the history of rental housing in Canada and why experts consider housing low-income renters the “ultimate” challenge.

We also answered the question of why there are so many old rental apartment buildings in our cities (you know, those wood-frame walk-ups) and reported on solutions that would result in more, much-needed rental housing being built.

Speaking of those wood-frame walk-ups, we decided to visit them in this six-minute video to give you a visual tour of what our cities have available for renters. Brian Clifford, policy manager at the BC Non-Profit Housing Association, takes us through how those buildings came to dominate the rental market.

Two Vancouver architects, Arno Matis and James Cheng, offer their observations about the challenges of building rental housing. They also share some design tricks that make life inside and outside a rental building more enjoyable and convenient — important as cities like Vancouver densify. And we take a visit to a rental project built over a London Drugs and explore the design approach that makes it work.

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