Request for Proposals – HFBC – Development Project Manager


Purpose of RFP

HFBC recently engaged contractors to conduct a Vancouver housing model study, and an in-depth review of its portfolio that included overall financial position, operating and capital expenses,
strategic location, municipal policy and community profiles, and need. Concurrently, HFBC reviewed and estimated its current and future capital investment needs and strategic direction.

The results of these reviews are that HFBC is in a solid position to take advantage of current opportunities for real-estate development, either alone or in partnership with others that would
substantially increase the number of affordable housing units in Vancouver.

HFBC would like to move forward with developing and implementing a strategy for real estate development, which will include the engagement of third party consultants. However, the organization also wishes to manage risk and potential conflicts of interest by engaging a Real Estate Development Project Manager or Project Management Team with real-estate background to
coordinate the next steps for HFBC. This person/team will fulfill a project sponsor-type role, rather than a developer role.

The Development Project Manager or team, will be responsible for analyzing information, developing procurement documents and managing the procurement process, working with HFBC in concurrence with Foundation policies to administer contracts, fill information gaps and work under the steering overview of the Real Estate Development Task Force to develop a robust real estate strategy for the Board.

Download full RFP here: RFP Development Project Manager.

The Process
• Issuing of RFP- January 12th, 2017.
• Closure – February 22nd, 2017 AT 1:00 PM PST.

The proposals must be submitted by the closure date via email in digital format to the following email address:

Contact Information
Carolina Ibarra, BA, MSSc
Director of Operations
604-684-3515 Ext. 1

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