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Request for Expressions of Interest and Ideas No. 16-09-01

The City of Coquitlam is seeking Expressions of Interest and Ideas from qualified and experienced for-profit and not-for-profit developers, or partnerships thereof, for their vision for delivering an affordable housing project on City-owned land at 1358 Coast Meridian Road.

The City is seeking to partner with one Developer that will design and develop new and innovative affordable housing solutions (including, but not limited to, such models as shared equity) at 1358 Coast Meridian Road. The City envisions an affordable housing project that includes affordable home ownership options and/or below-market rental units suitable for families, with an ultimate goal of sustaining affordability over time through suitable programs. To encourage such innovation, the City is open to considering a variety of proposed land tenures and land payment models.

Request for Expressions of Interest and Ideas RFEI No. 16-09-01

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Closing Date: January 31, 2017

The City is interested in receiving expressions of interest and ideas from potential partners for affordable housing projects that utilize this City-owned site that includes one of, or a combination thereof:

  • Below market rental housing
  • Affordable home ownership solutions suitable for families
  • Seniors, special needs/accessible housing
  • Innovative tenure/financing
  • Sustainable, long-term affordability solutions

Please contact Tasha Henderson at 604.927.3471 or  if you have any questions related to the implementation of the Housing Affordability Strategy, and direct any questions specific to the RFEI to our Purchasing Department at

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