News1130: City of Vancouver unveiling new modular housing project


Alison Bailey – News1130, February 16 (with quote from BCNPHA CEO Kishone Roy)

Homeless sleeping on the ground

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – The City of Vancouver is getting ready to unveil its first temporary modular housing development as a way to get people into affordable homes until more permanent structures can be built.

The development is at Terminal and Main, with forty suites, and the city is advocating putting this kind of housing on underutilized or vacant land that’s slated for redevelopment.

Kishone Roy with the BC Non-Profit Housing Association is supportive of the concept, but adds we need to make sure permanent housing down the line is affordable and safe.

“Modular can be part of that solution though. There’s plenty of examples around the world where modular housing is being built in a way that’s sustainable, that lasts long, and that’s really comfortable.”

Meantime, Justin Fung with Housing Action for Local Taxpayers also welcomes any innovative solutions.

“That being said, I do worry a little bit about the very transient nature of this type of modular housing and the fact that it is going to sit on temporary land.”

Fung is concerned about low-income people being pushed out of their neighbourhoods as developers move in.

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