Is your community struggling with NIMBY attitudes to affordable housing?


Is your community struggling with Not-in-my-Backyard attitudes to affordable housing? Connect with us to discuss whether we can support your community!

In 2018, the provincial government committed significant funding for new housing units and homelessness supports throughout B.C. Commitments include funding for 4,500 short and long-term supportive housing units for people struggling with homelessness, as well as a total of 114,000 affordable housing units over 10 years.

New affordable housing projects can become a source of contention and resistance by nearby residents, who cite concerns about the project’s proximity to schools, the specter of increased crime and associated safety concerns. As a result, municipalities and housing providers may be pushed to forego important investments in affordable housing and supports for those who need it.

We want to help local communities by assembling and organizing tools and resources to activate and provide capacity to local champions.

If you are anticipating community opposition to an affordable housing project in your community – please contact to discuss how we may be able to support you.

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