BCNPHA to Implement 2018 Youth Homeless Count


On behalf of the Homelessness Partnering Strategy’s Community Entity Metro Vancouver, BCNPHA will implement the 2018 Youth Homeless Count in Metro Vancouver between March/April 2018 in partnership with local youth-serving agencies, schools, shelters, government agencies and other partners.

The objectives of the count are to:

  1. Conduct a youth-focused Point-in-Time (PiT) Count over a two week period to:
    1. Collect a demographic profile of youth experiencing homelessness
    2. Enumerate youth experiencing homelessness in our region
  2. Increase public awareness and knowledge about youth experiencing homelessness
  3. Inform government, media and the public

The count will take place in all Metro Vancouver communities.

To support the process and to find out more, please contact Project Manager, Peer-Daniel Krause at or 778-945-2161.

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