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About RentSmart – Gold Standard in Tenant Education

Ready to Rent believes education is transformative and the key needed to develop successful tenancies.

RentSmart, a tenant certificate course, will help you understand and prioritize your needs and wants in housing and help you gain confidence to find a home that best suits your needs and skills to support its ongoing affordability. The course will address barriers such as affordability, lack of references, poor credit history and discrimination, and offers tools to reduce these barriers, increasing success in finding housing.

As an asset-based approach grounded in adult education and informed by housing providers and organizations, RentSmart graduates, and literature review on best practice prevention education, RentSmart weaves in key life-skills and builds knowledge and confidence in participants to maintain housing.

RentSmart is working!

3rd party evaluation of past RentSmart graduates concluded:

  • 100% of graduates said their knowledge around renting increased as a result of taking the RentSmart course;
  • 92% said their confidence around renting increased as a result;
  • 72% said finding a place to rent was easier as a result;
  • 86% said maintaining their housing was easier as a result of the RentSmart course.
  • 66% of respondents directly used the RentSmart certificate when applying for housing; and 70% of those who used certificate said it helped them get it.

Respondents were very enthusiastic and said they would recommend RentSmart to anyone thinking of renting.  Organizations and housing providers agreed and said they would highly recommend course to other agencies and providers.

‘I have never had to evict someone with a RentSmart certificate’ — Janice, Capital Housing Corporation

‘I see a difference in RentSmart tenants.  They are better neighbours and pay their rent on time.  I always look for the RentSmart certificate now’ – Tim, property manager, Beacon Community Services

RentSmart graduates know what it takes to be a good tenant and a growing number of housing providers and landlords know they do too!  Take RentSmart to access prevention education and house a RentSmart graduate today! Check out to learn more.

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