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RentSmart Tenant Education and Certification

Do you want to set your tenants up for success? Do you want to build a common understanding of rights and responsibilities, reducing conflicts, damages and evictions?

RentSmart graduates have taken the time to learn how to be a great tenant.


 ‘I have never had to evict someone with a RentSmart certificate’ — Janice, Capital Housing Corporation

About RentSmart

RentSmart is offered online and in-person through a network of community partners. RentSmart is a 6 module course that covers:

  • Housing priorities and application processes
  • Rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords
  • Financial management and budgeting
  • Effective communication with landlords, roommates and neighbours
  • Taking care of home and prevention of damages

RentSmart graduates receive a certificate and ongoing support. BC Housing recognizes the RentSmart certificate as a reference in the housing registry, and BCNPHA encourages all housing providers to do the same.

RentSmart prevents problems

RentSmart helps housing providers with the application process by providing an unbiased reference. RentSmart education also supports successful tenancies by:

  • Building empathy and understanding between tenants and landlords
  • Clearly outlining the roles and responsibilities of both, including maintenance
  • Providing concrete templates and processes for effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Assisting people to budget and prioritize paying rent
  • Solve issues before they place housing at risk

If issues arise, RentSmart graduates have access to telephone supports to help find solutions. The goal of ‘WalkWith support’ is to either solve the issue or facilitate a crisis-free move.

RentSmart Model

The RentSmart Model of education, certificate and support increases successful tenancies:

  • 72% of RentSmart graduates said finding a place to rent was easier as a result;
  • 86% said maintaining their housing was easier as a result of the RentSmart course.
  • 79% of RentSmart grads agreed that the learning from the RentSmart course helped them have a positive relationship with their landlord.
  • When polling 2015 graduates, 91% of respondents have been successfully housed for over 1.5 years since graduating from RentSmart.

(2015 and 2016 program evaluation)

And housing providers like it too:

‘I see a difference in RentSmart tenants.  They are better neighbours and pay their rent on time.  I always look for the RentSmart certificate now’– Tim, property manager, Beacon Community Services

How Housing Providers Can Benefit from RentSmart

  1. Recognize the RentSmart certificate as a reference on application forms
  2. Encourage tenants to take the course, either online or in-person. Bulk purchase price is available to BCNPHA members.
  3. Train support staff to become RentSmart educators and offer RentSmart in house
  4. Provide Ready to Rent BC with ideas and feedback on how to increase successful tenancies—education provides an accessible way to spread successful practices and build capacity

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