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Housing Providers - Make selecting and managing tenants easier

Housing Providers – Make selecting and managing tenants easier

Would you like to see your tenants succeed – find housing and maintain it? Do you want to build a common understanding of rights and responsibilities, reducing conflicts, damages and evictions?

Recognized by BC Housing and endorsed by BCNPHA, RentSmart – a suite of programs – has course offerings for Landlords, Tenants, and Community Partners. Upon completion of courses, the participants earn the RentSmart certificate, and have the opportunity to participate in ongoing support with our ‘WalkWith’ initiative.

RentSmart prevents problems
RentSmart is designed to build empathy and understanding between tenants and landlords by:

  • Clearly outlining the roles and responsibilities of both, including maintenance
  • Providing concrete templates and processes for effective communication and conflict resolution
  • Assisting people to budget and prioritize paying rent
  • Solving issues before they place housing at risk

“It’s really great to arm folks with knowledge and watch as they use what they have learned to stabilize their lives.” (Community Educator, Victoria BC)

Help remove housing barriers and support successful tenancies
Housing providers can do this by:

1. Recognizing the RentSmart certificate as a reference on tenant application forms,
2. Encouraging tenants to take the course, either online or in-person,
3. Training support staff through Train the Trainer to become RentSmart educators and offer RentSmart in house (upcoming events listed below).

“As a Tenant Relations Coordinator, taking the train the trainer course has come in handy with working with our current tenants. It has also helped in educating one on one.” (Community Educator, Vernon BC)

Upcoming Train the Trainer Events:

Train the Trainer – Calgary Oct 3-6 Register

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