Mental Health Trends in the Workplace – Webinar

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Did you know?

  • Only 16% of employees and 20% of managers indicate that their workplace is active in supporting mental health?
  • 25% of people managers and 26% of employees indicated that most of the time they felt so down or depressed that nothing could cheer them up?
  • 42% of employees report that stress is all or mostly work-place related?
  • 61% of employees under the age 35 report feelings of isolation and that isolation is a risk factor for the diseases on par with smoking and obesity?
  • Managers under the 34 years are significantly more likely than those 35 and older to take time off due to stress?

New data indicates that the prevalence of “high-functioning depression” is on the rise and may go undetected until employees “crash”. In this webinar, facilitated by Morneau Shepell, we will touch on what employees may be experiencing in the increasingly stressful and fast-paced environment we are living in, specifically within the non-profit housing industry.

We will also touch on the following:

  • Will the evolving workplace have different needs?
  • What is the impact of constant change?
  • Do the coping skills of the past equip us for the future?
  • How can employer support be more relevant to more employees?

Who should attend
Decision makers, HR personnel; and front line support staff in non-profit and affordable housing facilities.

Why you should attend
This session will help you understand:

  1. The definition of high-functioning depression;
  2. What an employee dealing with high functioning depression might be experiencing;
  3. Three categories of intervention that are effective in treating mental disorders;
  4. 10 ways to build resilience; and
  5. Strategies and tools to better support your people leaders and employees.


Rochelle Morandini, Partner, Morneau Shepell

rochelle_morandiniRochelle has 24 years’ experience providing health strategy consulting that focuses on enhancing both individual health and productivity along with organizational health and performance. She assists employers in rounding out their individual health management systems by strategically linking wellness, employee assistance programs, and safety procedures to enhance a continuous improvement approach.


Laura Liden, Senior Analyst, Morneau Shepell

laura_liden_2Laura provides day-to-day support and project coordination for both private and public-sector clients. Her role on the National Health Consulting practice includes research, content development, and project management in the areas of health and wellness programs, organizational health analysis, and development of mental health training for clients across the country.


Brandy Stahlbrand, Consultant, Morneau Shepell

Stahlbrand, Brandy 2Brandy has 11 years’ experience in the employee benefits industry; in that time she developed deep expertise that benefits her clients today. Brandy is passionate about helping her clients design and manage their benefit plans in a way that is cost-effective and sustainable



Note: This webinar will be recorded – a link will be provided to all paid attendees after the session.

Start and end dates

May 24, 2018 - May 24, 2018


10:00 am - 11:30 am


$20 (+GST) for members $40 (+GST) for non-members

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