BCNPHA RENT – Speaker Information

Thank you for agreeing to present at a BCNPHA RENT. In order to help us plan the session, please fill in the following details.

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Section 1: Session Details

Northern BC RENT – Fort St. John June 15, 2017 – Northern Grand Hotel, 9830 100 Ave, Fort St. John, BC

If you are presenting in more than one session, please fill out one form for each session.

Section 2:Travel Expectations:

BCNPHA has a limited speaker’s budget; however, we may be able to compensate session travel costs.

The speaker is responsible for all making all travel arrangements. Travel compensation will be considered upon request and must be approved in advance by BCNPHA.

Section 3: Audio Visual and Room Setup

Note: if you are on a panel (2-3 presenters with a moderator), please disregard this section as BCNPHA will coordinate a teleconference in advance of the event to discuss AV/setup.

a. Audio Visual & Materials: BCNPHA provides standard audio visual equipment which includes a LCD projector, laptop (PC), and screen. Please indicate any additional AV or materials required for your presentation (Note: requests outside the standard will be considered and are subject to pre-approval by BCNPHA based upon budget.)

Note re handouts and slide advancers: Our practice is to go paperless and in order to minimize paper, we encourage presenters to submit resources electronically which BCNPHA will post to our website after the event. BCNPHA does not provide presentation slide advancers. Speakers are welcome to bring their own if required.

b. Room Setup: Room setups and participant numbers will vary, depending on registration numbers and room availability. Indicate below if you have a room setup that is essential for your presentation.

Section 4: Speaker Details
Additional details
Area of expertise: (please check all that apply)
Section 5: BCNPHA/Presenter Responsibilities

The speaker is responsible for:

  1. Self-registering for the event (BCNPHA to provide registration instructions separately)
  2. Arranging for /costs of all travel and session materials, unless requested in advance and pre-approved by BCNPHA. BCNPHA will not reimburse for any expenses incurred at the venue (e.g., photocopying, on-site AV requests, etc.)
  3. Checking in at the registration desk at least 60 minutes prior to your session time.
  4. Bringing your presentation (if applicable) on a USB stick.
  5. Delivering the content in a respectful manner to attendees, that accurately reflects the session description and learning objectives.
  6. Ensuring that evaluation forms have been distributed, filled out, and returned to the registration desk.
  7. Submitting your presentation and any resources, if you choose to do so, for online posting within one week after the event.
  8. Invoicing BCNPHA within 2 weeks after the event, if applicable.
  9. Notifying BCNPHA of any additional co-presenters at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Any additional speakers must be approved by BCNPHA.
  10. Notifying BCNPHA if unable to deliver the course as early as possible prior to the course. In this situation, the speaker will not be entitled to receive any fees, if applicable, but may apply for reimbursement of any out of pocket expenses.

BCNPHA is responsible for:

  1. Scheduling, promotion, attendee registration and venue selection.
  2. Confirming approved fee, if applicable, and presentation details (session time, AV, setup, etc.) prior to the event.
  3. Ensuring that logistical information is communicated to the speaker in a timely manner (venue, parking, session reminders, etc.)
  4. Sending out session evaluations to speakers after the event.
  5. Posting presentations online after the event, subject to the presenter's permission.
  6. Making payments to the speaker, where applicable, after the event.

Section 6: Acknowledgement

The speaker acknowledges that presenting at a BCNPHA event does not create a relationship of employer/employee between BCNPHA and the presenter. The speaker also releases BCNPHA from all claims, actions and demands arising out of any injury or loss suffered during the preparation, delivery and follow-up of the delivery of their presentation at the event above.

Or contact Kate Nielsen, Education Coordinator, at; Tel: 778.945.2156 or 1.800.494.8859 Ext. 2156.
Thank you!

Please note; Information collected in this form complies with PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act). BCNPHA will only use this information internally to create a list of potential presenters at RENT events, conferences and other BCNPHA sponsored events. We may also use the information you provide to send you requests to submit proposals or to share other opportunities.

We do NOT share your information with third parties.